UK’s leading specialist in debt recovery, Are You Owed Money Limited have a skilled and experienced team who treat clients’ overdue accounts as if they were their own, and who leave no stone unturned to ensure the successful recovery of a debt.

Having invested heavily in state of the art technology, we are able to offer a comprehensive collection process which starts as soon as we have all the information relating to the debts you are owed. With both customer and in house legal services on the end of the phone we are able to fulfil our mission statement of recovering your debt as positively and efficiently as possible and safeguard you against the actions of a debtor unwilling to pay.

We offer debt recovery services to suit your every need – from the initial steps such as tracing and credit reporting, to a full litigation service. You can see our full range of services by clicking on ‘What We Do’.

debtcollectionWe offer specialist services to:

• Banks
• Financial Companies
• Solicitors
• Insurance Companies
• Telecom Companies
• Landlords
• Private Schools
• Funeral Directors

Key features of our commercial debt collection service are:-

Dedicated Account Manager for each client
Clients have a dedicated account manager so that they know who is dealing with their debts at all times. Each manager is highly trained and capable. To achieve the best chance of recovery, each debt must be treated individually and the most effective collection techniques used depending on the age, type and criteria of debt.

Proactive debt collection
Our team of highly skilled collectors use all methods of persuasion at their disposal to ensure maximum returns for their clients. Excuses are overcome and disputes resolved.