Is your tenant not paying?

Need to issue an ‘eviction notice’ but don’t know where to start?

noevictionThen you have come to the right place. Here at Are You Owed Money Limited our team of experienced professionals can help you with your Tenant Eviction.

There can be a number of reasons you may have to evict a tenant. This could be for unpaid rent or damage to the property, but our team is here to help. Are You Owed Money Limited can deal with all aspects of Tenant Eviction.

Evicting tenants can be very stressful and prove to be more difficult than first thought. By agreeing Are You Owed Money Limited to deal with your Tenant Eviction we will alleviate your stress by dealing with your Tenant Eviction dispute. At the same time why not let us collect any unpaid rent due to you using our Are You Owed Money Limited Debt Collection Service.

In most cases, when renting out properties you would have a signed tenancy agreement, setting out the eviction procedures in full. We appreciate however, that in certain circumstances this is not always possible, which is why our in-house team of advisors are more than capable to help and advise you of your options.

Tenant Eviction can be a complicated process and we at Are You Owed Money Limited know the process systematically and therefore know which action to take next in order to evict your tenant and recover monies owed to you.

Don’t put up with nuisance tenants, give us a call and see what Are You Owed Money Limited can do for you.