Some debtors will do everything in their power to avoid payment and will go to any lengths to remain elusive. Millions of pounds worth of debt is written off every year because of debtors relocating and leaving no forwarding address, effectively appearing ‘untraceable’.

At Are You Owed Money Limited, we have invested in state-of-the-art tracing technology that enables us to search for, investigate and contact debtors quickly, making tracing people a breeze.

tracingpeopleCombining multiple datasets to give the most comprehensive current and historic view of UK individuals including their name, address, telephone number, date of birth, email address, as well as Land Registry entries, linked addresses, forwarding addresses, co-habitants, radius searching and much more, enables us with ease to successfully locate a ‘missing’ person.

You will be surprised on how little information we can successfully track down the person you are looking for. Any kind of details will help hugely, even if it doesn’t immediately seem that way. For instance an old or current mobile phone number can be traced to their current whereabouts using our state of the art software. Or, if they have started renting anywhere else in the country or purchased any type of property, we will be able to find them through this by accessing new rental or purchased property records, giving us a clear view to their whereabouts.

As experts on tracing people, we understand that when you are owed money, time is of the essence, which is why it is so crucial that we are able to connect to people and businesses faster. The information that we obtain makes a huge difference for you.

We incorporate individual and director searches to help you find all the information needed to trace a client or company right down to the specifics.

Our service can be employed even on the minimal amount of information and is comprehensive enough to proficiently and resourcefully track down the most guileful individuals.

Our state of the art technology and software enables the following:

• The location of more people at a rate more efficient than comparable systems
• Access to the most current and accurate identity information, identifying an individual in one easy search
• Time efficiency – avoid laborious hours of manual searching and cross-referencing of multiple databases

Our technology for tracing people intellectually integrates multiple sources of data and information to provide a unique view of the debtors location. This system is ideal where there is limited or incomplete information regarding the debtor and minimises your potential losses too. In such uncertain economic times this is something that most businesses simply cannot afford to do.

We offer these bespoke services so that you can keep control over your debt.

We don’t just locate the debtor for you, once we are successful in tracing the debtor, we then record a constant review whereby you would be the first to know if they attempt to register at an alternative property or make any drastic adjustments to their whereabouts or lifestyle.

Businesses and individuals alike simply cannot afford to write off debts and allow debtors simply not to pay what they owe. Work with us to identify such individuals and gain back what is rightfully yours.