Are You Owed Money Ltd has once again renewed its partnership with the CSA. A voluntary regulatory body in financial services, the CSA looks to pool knowledge to find best practices.

AYOM has received confirmation of another year as a CSA member. After a successful year under the CSA banner in 2016-17, we hope to continue that for the following year. Always looking to improve our service, the CSA gives us help in achieving that goal.

Who are the CSA?

We blogged last year about our connection to the CSA. Their purpose is to share knowledge and provide best practice advice. For the debt collection sector, this is a vital tool. The industry is a sensitive one, for information and financial reasons. The CSA has mandatory guidelines for members to follow. These guidelines are on top of regulated guidelines such as FCA rules. This provides companies the chance to tighten processes to help both clients and debtors.

The partnership ensures we are visible in the members section of their directory. It also ensures clients and debtors can trust that AYOM operates in a fair and competent manner. While we follow all FCA regulation, following CSA’s additional regulation is an extra layer of trust.

Building a brand of trust

AYOM’s mission is to provide reliable, trustworthy debt collection. In an industry with a rough edge, we want to be the company to talk to. With a culture of professionalism and sincerity, we want to be your choice. With a wide portfolio on offer, we want to be your choice for:

  • Personal debt collection
  • Commercial debt collection
  • Enforcement
  • Credit Checking
  • Credit Control
  • Process Serving

AYOM’s General Manager Marie Mitchell is very pleased to secure the membership. She told us

It’s something I push for every year. To be the best we must work with others and adhere to all best practices. We want to build the company around a layer of trust on both sides. To do that a CSA membership is vital to that goal. We look forward to working with the CSA and its members for another year

Resolve your unpaid debts with the best

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