AYOM staff are pleased to announce the raising of £155 following a fantastic Macmillan coffee morning which included tea, cake, a buffet, a raffle and a man vs. food challenge.

Celebrations are in order. After a great morning, Macmillan can enjoy a donation of £155 from staff of AYOM. Last Friday was the ever popular Macmillan coffee morning. A morning dedicated to excellent cakes and fundraising. Alongside the cakes though, AYOM staff enjoyed a buffet lunch, raffle and man vs. food challenge.

Macmillan coffee morning buffet

Man Vs. Food

The biggest laugh of the day was when salesman Jack challenged himself to eat 7 big macs in 30 minutes for the day. As a lover of McDonalds, he thought he was a shoe in to succeed. If he failed, he pledged to match the funds raised for his challenge (£40).

A valiant effort followed but after 5, Jack felt the pain and needed a few minutes to himself to make sure he could continue working the rest of the afternoon. Jack spoke to us after his daunting experience.

“I was so confident that I’d beat the 7 big mac challenge that I offered to pay double of what the burgers cost if I didn’t complete the challenge. As soon as the first burger went down, I realised my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I want to thank everyone who sponsored me and I’m sorry I didn’t complete the challenge.”

“The idea for the challenge came from my favourite tv programme Man Vs Food. I thought I’d smash the challenge but 5 burgers was all’s I could do. Afterwards I felt so sick and full that I couldn’t even have a sip of water my belly was that full.”

“I know I lost the challenge and I know I offered to give £40.00 out of my own pocket towards Macmillan but I am glad I lost so I could give to this amazing charity. Next time I might do a hot wing challenge to ‘spice’ it up a little.”

CSR focus

AYOM enjoy hosting events for staff to take part in. In the past year we have held events for the following:

  • Halloween fancy dress
  • Pyjama fundraising day
  • Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge fancy dress & raffle
  • Christmas secret Santa and staff raffle
  • Bake off
  • Children in need

Macmillan is a staple in our calendar as it gives a chance to enforce the atmosphere we hope to maintain. Alongside our nominated charity for the year (Space, Preston) the company hopes to spread its fundraising across the year. This includes Children in Need and Macmillan among others.

AYOM General Manager Marie Mitchell spoke about the company’s CSR responsibilities. “We’ve made big strides in creating the best possible atmosphere within AYOM in the last 18 months. We’ve ensured we hold plenty of events for staff as well as improving facilities around the office. We’ve added recycling to our cleaning responsibilities and switched all computers to smaller, low power output devices. We hope making these changes can inspire staff at home as well as enjoying a responsible workplace.”

Join the team

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