AYOM hosted a ‘half term hoot’ event for staff and children to help local charity barn owl bill raise money for a new van

AYOM are pleased to provide Barn Owl Bill owl sanctuary with £194.20 from our Half Term hoot event yesterday. During the afternoon, staff, children, friends and family encountered some unusual visitors to the office.

The rescue centre brought in 3 birds to introduce to all in attendance. It was a chance to learn about and experience some live owls; a creature normally not seen in everyday life. The event saw an accompanying bake sale to further add to the donations.

A roaring success, attendees enjoyed holding and interacting with the beautiful creatures.

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Workplace connections

Collections manager Tim, who volunteers at the sanctuary, was glad to see the event go so well. Tim has personal connections with the event being a volunteer for Barn Owl Bill.

He told us “I have been keen on the outdoors and the British countryside for many years. Over time I have become fascinated with birds of prey. Originally I noticed kestrels in the Forest of Bowland, hovering for their prey."

“Then I noticed bigger birds soaring around the hill tops, thinking they were eagles at first! Now I’ve learnt that these ‘eagles’ are common buzzards, but it would be great to see eagles one day.”

“While I haven’t seen any yet, what I have been able to is help out at Barn Owl Bill. They take in wild owls and other birds of prey that have got into difficulty. These birds take an incredible amount of attention and aren't recommended as pets."

"Recently the charity’s van packed up meaning they can’t get to displays. Displays are their only source of income. I am trying to help raise enough money to get them back on the road again. I'm incredibly grateful to the team at AYOM for all their help!"

owl blog

Join the cause

AYOM’s £194 has gone into the Barn Owl Bill van fund which stands at just over £1,000. Their target is £3,500 and we wish them the best of luck in achieving that. If you’d like to learn more about the charity and their fight for a new vehicle, you can check them out here.

They were also kind enough to write up about their visit to us on their own official blog. To have a read, including some unseen pictures, you can find it here.

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