Are You Owed Money is accredited by respected industry body, the Credit Services Association (CSA-UK).

The Credit Services Association is a respected service bringing together debt collectors and purchasers. AYOM are proud to renew our membership for another year. Working alongside our peers we hope to share knowledge and keep following best practice.


The CSA unites the best debt collectors to share resources. Members agree voluntary codes of practice to follow and receive help to improve the industry as a whole.

With aims aligned with AYOM, the CSA wants to " build confidence in the debt collection industry amongst member companies and the customers they deal with on a daily basis". They aim "to make the debt collection process simple, clear and less stressful for those affected".

As a member, we can ensure our processes fit this framework. We look to collect debts in a professional manner, treating all parties with respect. To ensure we do so, memberships like the CSA help achieve this.

Continued improvement

AYOM's future vision is to further develop as a firm. We want to improve in all areas from initial sales teams to excellent after service. We aim to provide more expert help for creditors of all sizes. Partnering with the CSA not only provides a larger shared resource pool, it also keeps us informed on industry developments.

You can now also find us on the CSA directory. As we continue to grow, we intend to become more visible in the debt collection sphere. Joining bodies like the CSA allows us to provide that extra level of service. A level of service that ensures customers know they are in expert hands.

AYOM Director Robert Logan was pleased with the accreditation, telling us:

Joining the CSA gives us valuable shared knowledge we can use to improve our own services. Not only does it ensure we provide high quality service, we are kept abreast of any industry developments including political ones.

We want to grow as a company, offering the very best service. Volunteering to adhere to certain standards can lift us above those that choose not to partake. We participate because we want to be the best choice for any creditor.

Robert Logan, Managing Director, Are You Owed Money Ltd

A note for creditors

If you are a creditor looking for a CSA-accredited debt collection agency, get in touch with AYOM. If you'd like to speak to an advisor you can call 0800 130 3357 or email Lines are open 9am-5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am-4pm Fridays. Alternatively you can make an enquiry using our simple contact form here.

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