Debbie is one of AYOM’s standout consumer debt collectors, helping grow our brand. We interviewed Debbie to find out more about her, her team and their work with our consumer debt clients.

Debt collection at AYOM is governed by 3 key principles:

  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Empathy

All of our teams whether they deal with business or consumer debt operate using these core values. While the differences between the two types of debt are pronounced, the collection agents can always work with these values in mind.

Our approach to debt collection

AYOM’s teams carry out their duties under these 3 same principles. They approach debts with strategies designed to be successful for their specific client. Our collections teams handle all types and sizes of debts meaning strategies must be suitable to the situation. A “one size fits all” approach is not going to achieve success for so many different client types.

Our collection teams use evidence and legal precedent to ensure swift and successful recovery. This includes using purchase orders, invoices, late payment legislation and evidence based communication to secure payment. This ensures we have excellent successful collection percentages.

At AYOM, we split our teams between corporate and non corporate clients. Splitting our teams allows us to dedicate enough team members to manage the size of corporate client debt books. Our non corporate team will handle single debts or smaller debt books whereas our corporate teams will be responsible for one or two clients with thousands to tens of thousands of people in the debt portfolio. Both teams deal with commercial and consumer debts; often facing differing types of debtors. We train collectors to excel with the skills they need to best handle debts for their team. One glance at our Trustpilot account will see we not only get good reviews from clients, but also from those who owe money.

A standout team member

One member of our team that stands out with numerous reviews is Debbie. Debbie has fast gathered a reputation as an excellent collector with a very approachable attitude. She has earned praise from clients and those she collects from for being fair and understanding. A person who stands out as fully embodying AYOM’s core values, Debbie continues to conduct herself with enthusiasm and professionalism.

Here are a few highlights taken from reviews of her work so far for AYOM:

“Debbie was amazing and sorted everything out for me in a professional way but with a really friendly tone.”

“Debbie is a friendly polite understanding person. She dealt with my query and problem very professionally. She understood my problem and seemed to care.”

“Debbie is Absolutely brilliant could not ask for better person to deal with my situation, very helpful and understanding, brilliant customer service.”

“Just spoke to an amazing lady called Debbie to deal with a yearlong problem regarding an ex's debt, she was completely understanding and helpful and we've now got the issue solved and I feel like it's a complete weight off of my shoulders, the problems are finally over so thank you Debbie!”

After making a name as a stand out collector, we wanted to show some appreciation. We spoke to Debbie to see what makes her successful and a valued member of our team.

Our Debt Collector Debbie

Debt collection excellence

What is your job all about?

Collecting outstanding monies owed for various companies. I work in the corporate client debt collection team handling our largest clients; this means clients with large debt books.

What kind of debts and people do you speak to daily?

The majority I deal with are overdue payday loans owed by a variety of people from all walks of life. With credit being offered on a case by case basis, this means the amounts and the type of people I deal with can vary greatly. Our biggest corporate clients are consumer credit providers, banks and not for profit companies.

How are your debtors different from other types of debt?

We are primarily focussed on dealing with consumers, not businesses. Some of those we talk to may be experiencing financial difficulty or could be classed as vulnerable. We have the same attitude to collections and managing the people we speak to, but the way we approach the debts to resolve them will differ.

What are the key aspects you need to take into account when looking at a repayment plan?

I always take into account a whole range of circumstances as the debt can be anything from £50 to hundreds and in extreme cases, thousands. I look at personal, private and financial aspects of the person’s life. I look at the age of the debt and best way forward to collect the monies owed, making it affordable and personable to them. By having a thorough conversation with the person and learning their situation, I can create a positive outcome for both sides.

What are the key attributes you need to excel in your role?

I put myself in the person’s place. I need to have empathy and compassion to different strokes for different folks. I always have a positive attitude, smile on the phone, as I believe you can hear a smile. Trusting their word is vital. They need to know they can trust what I’m saying to be correct.

I want the person to feel a lot better; even relieved after sorting things out. Giving them confidence in me as their account manager means we can craft an agreement and the chances are it’ll be stuck to. I always make myself approachable via email or phone for any additional support.

How does it feel when you see positive reviews about yourself?

I love seeing reviews about myself, not for vanity reasons however.

I know from what is written that the person may have taken months to pick the phone up after burying their head in the sand. I recognise this and also let the person know, I know, how hard it must have been. I hear the relief in the person’s words that the debt is now in payment arrangement. It means they have one less thing to worry about.

I also love that the company’s Trustpilot score increases as I get more and more feedback. It shows I am doing something right and the team as a whole are doing their jobs well. I get immense satisfaction seeing the company’s reputation continue to grow.

Do you find the work rewarding?

Yes... Immensely.

I love coming to work, I love the work I do, I’m happy in my work. I am a natural carer so being able to get positive solutions to help people is rewarding. I’m here to help throughout their journey and am grateful to be a positive part of getting them out of debt.

Celebrating success

AYOM are very proud of our collections teams. The impact of their work on the company is valued by both the company and the clients we represent. Having had a number of high profile clients continue to utilise our company for an extended period of time, we are happy for them to continue their excellent work.

If you are looking for an expert team to handle your debt collection needs, AYOM’s team are second to none. To speak to us about what we can do for you, call us on 0800 130 3357 or email for more.

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