PM Boris Johnson has announced a number of measures to assist financially during the Covid 19 outbreak including halting tenant evictions and providing mortgage holidays for landlords.

No evictions during coronavirus crisis

This week, PM Boris Johnson announced plans to protect those affected financially during the Covid 19 epidemic. The Prime Minister spoke of several changes to legislation including:

  • Halting evictions for private renters
  • Mortgage holidays
  • £350bn invested into UK businesses
  • £20bn in “other” aid

The news should provide some reassurance to tenants and landlords as the country prepares to ride out the problem. While tenants can be assured, they will not be evicted if ill, their landlords should have access to relief and aid.

Problem tenants

Eviction is always a last resort. Landlords hope tenants respect their property and simply pay on time. Of course, in times of difficulty, that isn’t always possible. It is always hoped though to find a resolution before going into court action. Debt recovery agents like AYOM work hard to mediate issues as they arise. However, sometimes it becomes necessary. Troublesome tenants, habitual non-payers, those that don’t respect property; sometimes court action is required.

With the measures in place, we hope that most landlords and tenants can work through the virus without too many pitfalls. However, questions may need to be raised about those already going through court. Some landlords may be on the verge of applying to court, some already in the system and some with judgements. While these case types were not mentioned in particular, it may require clarifying in the coming days.

Mortgage holidays will help some way towards landlords making up for the shortfall should a tenant be unable to pay. Long term however the mortgage will need paying in full. Work will also need carrying out on those houses where tenants have left it in poor condition. Even with a mortgage holiday, these costs could still be substantial and legal recourse be sought from landlords.

Halts to evictions and mortgage holidays announced during Covid 19 outbreak

Handling non-payment in a professional manner

The most important aspect of debt recovery is mediation. Skills needed to be a good debt collector include negotiation and a level of empathy. We understand both sides have a story to tell and even in these uncertain times, resolutions must be sought. While some tenants may be left on SSP (statutory sick pay) following illness, some may work from home. Landlords can still maintain a regular rental income if they wish. It is at this point debt recovery agents can enter the conversation. We will look to find solutions from the matter at hand.

Speaking about AYOM’s role during the Covid 19 pandemic, collections manager Laura spoke to us:

“Our job will of course get harder during this time. Income will be affected but if we follow government advice, we can stay on top of changes to legislation. For example, the mortgage breaks may affect our strategy as will having debtors in SSP. Processing information and considering every option is what we do, every day. It will be a challenging time especially with consumer debt, but we are ready for the challenge. We will continue to provide the very best level of service possible for our clients. If any of our clients do have concerns, we urge them to get in touch to discuss them.”

Debts still being recovered

Many businesses are facing the reality of working from home and taking precautions. However, the debt recovery cycle hasn’t stopped. Are You Owed Money Ltd are still open, recovering debts and will still chase unpaid invoices and historic debt. We have taken measures including home working and restrictions on contact at our HQ. We are however striving to continue providing outstanding service during this time. Our customer service team are still available, and our collections team are still operating at full strength.

If any clients would like to get in touch, we are available via the following mediums:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 0800 130 3357
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
  • Post: 4 Tustin Court, Port Way, Preston, PR22YQ

We are still taking on new cases and managing all existing cases. If you have outstanding invoices, historic debt or need advice regarding credit control, please do get in touch.

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