Recent articles suggest that "debt happens" so don't be afraid to talk and ask for help. With the cost of living rising, AYOM prides ourselves on getting positive results through mediation of debt.

"Debt happens" - do not be afraid to ask for help & talk

A recent article by Sarah-Jayne Dunn sums up debt perfectly. She wrote "debt happens." It’s a common aspect of life in some way. Almost all of us carry a form of debt, even if you don't think you do. Even debts which don't feel like it are still debts needing repayment, such as:

  • Mortgages
  • Car finance
  • Student loans
  • Credit cards
  • Payday loans
  • Buy now, pay later deals

Carrying debt doesn’t have to be a mark of shame. This is especially so if debt is manageable. This is what we call "good debt." Good debt is money you can afford to repay and funds a lifestyle improvement. Sarah-Jayne's article highlights that debt is common, so the key is to know when it’s getting too high. Her biggest advice is one shared by AYOM. It is simply, "don’t be afraid to seek help."

Citizens Advice

Another article written recently also echoes these sentiments. An article in association with Monmouth County Council recommended the use of local Citizens Advice Bureaus. These are a great starting point for management of personal finance and debt. Their website contains several articles and resources as a starting point for help. The service can provide a clear, impartial view of your situation and help you plan for money management no matter your income.

Citizens Advice also has articles clarifying the action creditors can take. This can be where AYOM is often involved in renumeration of debt. Remember, we are not here to bully or harass but mediate and achieve a positive outcome. We represent out client but will always try to achieve that outcome in a fair manner.

Often money matters can be difficult to talk about. Sarah-Jayne also recommends Citizen’s Advice as sometimes talking to family can be tough. It's hard to open up even to those we love, so a discreet, helpful voice will always be welcome.

Image of a laptop and credit cards

Speaking to Debt Collectors

Recently we wrote about why you should speak to debt collectors. We spoke about reasons why talking to our team will help the situation. We are always looking to resolve debt and so ignoring or avoiding is never advised.

Similarly to Citizens Advice, our collectors are trained to assess your situation and suggest an appropriate plan. We do this based on the type of debt, the age, the value, your circumstances, ability to pay and likelihood of payment. If we get in touch about a debt owed by a client, we always aim to resolve payment plans early, limiting the amount of correspondence you’ll receive. We find this a positive way of reducing stress on your journey out of debt.

This is how AYOM has secured our status as a leading UK debt collector. We work with thousands of UK businesses of all sizes with all manner of debts. We have excellent collection rates thanks to our trained team of specialists. Seeking to change the way people think about debt recovery, we hope our methods lead the way in debt resolution.

Image of a plant shoot growing from a pot of money

The Debt Journey

Getting out of debt can be seen as a journey. It isn’t often short, nor easy. We are here to play a part. At AYOM we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver results without dehumanising debtors. This can be seen across our Trustpilot platform as we have an excellent mix of reviews from both clients and debtors.

AYOM’s Customer Service Manager spoke about our process regarding this.

"It's quite evident across our collections teams how we balance professionalism with tenacity. We fight the corner of our client using evidence and legal backing but do it the right way. We don’t yell and harass debtors but make it clear we are here to resolve. We handle disputes with evidence and legislation. We listen to debtors, and we suggest appropriate plans. This often ensures we see regular payments to satisfy our clients, without endangering the debtor."

"It is so important with rising prices and cost of living to strike that balance. We firmly believe we achieve that at AYOM. Our award-winning team make contact every day and it shows in our results."

Engage with the best

Are you a business or individual with outstanding debts?

Have you exhausted your available time chasing non-payments?

Engage the help of AYOM today and let our collections team argue your stance. With full knowledge of UK law and legislation to support your case, we provide you the best opportunity of recovering money. To speak to an adviser today you can call 0800 130 3357 or email

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