Are You Owed Money Ltd improved its sustainability this month as its attempt to be a much greener debt collection agency saw brand new, low power, high efficiency units replace the vast majority of the old computing units for staff.

Besides a record of award winning services, AYOM is set to become a greener debt collection agency. The introduction of new computers operating at lower power is in progress. All the changes are to help lower the company’s footprint.

AYOM upgrades its computing power - HP computers

The greener debt collection agency

In the last month, AYOM changed its computers over from larger desktop units to highly efficient, smaller units. Embracing smaller, powerful tech, the company is set to make big reductions in power usage.

How do the new computers stack up? Check out the facts:

  • They produce more than twice the power of a large desktop per watt
  • They are 6.5 times more energy efficient than a large desktop computer
  • The machines only need 8 watts as opposed to 52 watts

The decision made by the Managing Director and IT Manager will help reduce AYOM’s power usage. Alongside the computers the company has also undertaken a full electrical audit. The audit ensured changes include new, efficient light bulbs and a number of new procedures to save energy. This will not only benefit the business but it will also go a long way to modernising practices.

IT Manager Aaron told us “We’d thought about ways we could improve our power usage for some time. Thankfully due to how we work, this is a great move for the business. The energy saving and efficiency of the new units will far outweigh the initial cost. It’s a big move and one we’re happy we have made.”

With over 90% of staff receiving the computers, it adds consistency to the company tech. Long term, having these same machines around the office will aid with ease of repairs and ordering of replacements. All these benefits can positively impact clients who will benefit from a more productive workplace.

The company has already taken the first steps towards a number of incentives. Incentives including Investors in people, ISOs and chamber of commerce training are all in process. The company hopes to continue improving in the coming months. Having been named a finalist in the BIBAs 2018, the company is already making strides in the right direction.

Improving the customer experience

What do the new changes mean for you? One of AYOM’s key goals is to streamline the customer experience. We intend to create a stress free process. The more efficiently our team can do their jobs, the higher chance we have of generating a quick return for you. Less time dealing with slowdowns or broken units means more time chasing debtors.

It also ensures you can be sure you are dealing with a company doing their bit for a sustainable future. It may not be the lynchpin for stopping climate change, but it is a positive step. As a company, we hope to reduce our power use and increase recycling output within the next 12 months.

In the meantime, we’ll keep doing our best to get your money back! We have had a number of success stories over the past weeks and months. To read more take a look at our regularly updated blog.

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