The British Chamber of commerce suggests mental health at work is becoming less taboo as employers are beginning to offer more support. Are You Owed Money Ltd takes a look at the trends and our own practices in relation to mental health at work.

A survey by the British Chamber of Commerce suggests mental health at work is a common topic. According to research conducted by them, 1 in 3 businesses have seen absences relating to mental health. Are businesses doing enough however to help employees?

mental health at work

Mental health at work – it’s ok to confront issues

Thankfully for many, employers are improving workplace practices to assist with mental health. The report indicted some key findings including:

  • 36% of businesses are reviewing employee workloads
  • 35% of businesses are reviewing flexible working
  • 20% are organising counselling for staff
  • 18% are training managers to better support staff with mental health issues

While these are positive starting points, more exposure is necessary for employers. The report highlighted 10% of businesses were unaware of any support available. It is also important to remember it is still a new concept for many to open up about mental health. In both personal and work lives, it is hard to discuss issues affecting our mental state. Whatever help is available, businesses should take advantage. While the statistics are an encouraging start, the remaining 2/3 of businesses should aim to join the fray.

Adam Marshall, BCC Director General spoke of the research in a press release. “As the world of work changes, it is crucial for businesses to pay close attention to employee health and wellbeing. This is important. Especially at a time when firms face severe challenges finding and retaining the skilled staff they need.” He added, “More can be done to help”

Workplace best practices

As one of the 1/3 of businesses actively helping, AYOM are looking to improve our service to employees. Currently we work with corporate counsellors Mind Matters, providing staff with help they need to overcome problems. We offer time off work to attend their sessions and build flexible working around their schedule.

General Manager Marie Mitchell spoke to us about AYOM’s mental health policies. “We are becoming more aware and better at helping staff when they need us. Mental health at work is a huge issue as it affects a large number of people. It also greatly affects the work environment. We want to do all we can to help any member suffering to overcome what affects them. The work with Mind Matters is a good start but we intend to do more. We are currently thoroughly reviewing all of our procedures. Our goal to provide as much help and accommodate staff as best we can to create a caring and enjoyable workplace. With 3 staff member currently working with Mind Matters, we have received very positive feedback from them. It may be step one but it is one we have taken with a view to more.”

Looking to work in an environment that cares about you?

Helping staff achieve their career goals and enjoy their work is a key tenet of AYOM. We attempt to build a family atmosphere and an open environment. If you are looking for a new position and want to know more about our careers; email enquiries@ayom.co.uk or call 0800 130 3357. We support staff in as much as we can including; mental health, career progression and education. If this seems like the workplace for you, call today and join the team.