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Suffered cash flow problems from non-payment or late payment?

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What AYOM can assist with:

  • Unpaid invoices
  • Late payments
  • Credit control
  • Statutory demands
  • Legal support
  • Tracing debtors
  • Credit checks

Did you know?

Are You Owed Money Ltd has been awarded numerous business debt collection based awards including ‘Debt recovery company of the year’ 2017 and ‘Leaders in commercial debt collection 2018’ by Wealth & Finance & Corporate Livewire respectively.


Veterinary debt collection may fall under both common categories of debt. Business debt (also known as commercial debt) is money owed between businesses. Consumer debt on the other hand is money owed by a consumer to a business.

As a professional service, vets will interact with both consumers and businesses on a regular basis. Regardless of the type of debt owed, AYOM can assist and ensure you get the money back you are owed.

Late payment and non payment of invoices can highly affect liquidity based on the size of invoice or the size of business. That is why we aim to recover your money as soon as possible to keep your credit control, under control.


We understand every company has a differing set of circumstances. This is particularly true of professional services such as vets. Veterinary practices will greatly differ in size, specialities, area covered and clientele.

We dedicate each client a case handler for this reason. Your rep will listen and learn how your business operates. Doing so allows us to pursue business debts with as much information as possible. Examining the situation thoroughly helps raise your chances of recovering 100% of your money, faster.

We have the necessary tools to track and monitor a business or individual. Our collections team can analyse financial statuses so we have the most accurate knowledge of ability to pay. We not only recover debts for businesses but provide a suite of services to give you the option of chasing a debt yourself if you wish to do so.

Real time updates via a 24hr client portal
Multi award winning service
On site legal team to provide experienced, expert support
Industry leading tracing systems.


Are You Owed Money Ltd are seasoned, industry leading debt collectors with a history of results. We also try to ensure a high standard of customer service to each client. The combination of an experienced collections team, legal support and a proven collection strategy brings together a service you can rely on.

We offer all this alongside a client portal allowing you 24/7 access to updates and results tracking. Your client portal indicates how and when we contacted your debtors. Using a simple login you can access your case anywhere in the world at any time.

With an excellent track record and a host of satisfied clients, Are You Owed Money Ltd is your best opportunity to recover your business debts.