Working with all parties to bring about a reasonable solution.

What is mediation?

Mediation is the conversation between two parties overseen by an independent third party. In debt collection, that means we act on your behalf to create a positive, productive conversation between you and your debtors.

Mediation is a tool for maintaining good relationships. It allows both sides to air their side and provides amicable solutions. Relationships with repeat custom or one party relying on another can become frictional if debt becomes a problem.

When a relationship between businesses or business and consumer needs maintaining, mediation is a much gentler method of recovery than enforcing a CCJ or a high court writ. If you have a good working relationship with your debtor, mediation could be a method to keep everybody happy.

How we can help?

Mediation means much more than simply talking. As a mediator, Are You Owed Money will step in and look for a solution. Often, any misunderstanding or misinterpretation of a contract which has created the issue can be resolved through mediation.

Sometimes the issue can run deeper such as a debtor feeling aggrieved with a creditor. When a mediator is involved, it allows both sides to come together and say without prejudice what they believe is right and fair.

At the end of this period we will take both accounts and suggest a resolution to the debt. That can be in the form of a payment package or to correct a mistake on either end which results in adequate payment.


Are You Owed Money has a professional, experienced team who can answer all queries regarding the collection of your debts.

Our in house team and extended network specialise in all areas of debt recovery. Mediation is a particular skill which changes depending on the creditor/debtor relationship. Our team have years of experience talking to both sides to find the best solution.

We also have a proven strategy for every outcome. We can begin to chase debt, prepare legal documentation and enforce both CCJs and high court writs if a debtor is uncooperative. The key for us in mediation is to do all we can to bring a swift but positive discourse resulting in an outcome benefiting everyone.

We provide a service intended to be open, clear and trustworthy. We want you to know that when you entrust any aspect of debt collection AYOM, you can feel safe under our stewardship.

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