If you have outstanding debts from overdue invoices, rent arrears, bounced cheques or any other trading debts, we can help.

Are You Owed Money Ltd; the UK’s premier debt collection agency.

AYOM offers a number of debt recovery services to provide you with the best debt collection strategy for your case. These include recovery, tracing, mediation, credit checking, legal support and more

Proven debt recovery strategy

Whether it is personal debts, consumer debts or commercial debts; we have expert debt collectors able to generate a strategy that works for you.

AYOM’s debt collectors strive to provide all round excellent service. Each client has a dedicated customer service contact as well as a profile on our client portal. Your portal displays the details of your case 24 hours a day including when we have contacted your debtor.

Talk to us today and find out how our award-winning debt collection agency can help you.

Experienced debt collectors

Our debt collectors have the knowledge and experience to recover your money. They aim to do so swiftly and efficiently; drawing on our successful strategies. Our debt collectors recover debts throughout the UK. We have agents able to reach debtors across the country and tracing services to locate debtors wherever they may be.

Be safe in the knowledge your case will be handled by an expert debt collection team. We aim to provide exceptional pre legal debt collection services but also provide legal support if needed. Our on-site solicitors can help with preparation of documents and support you if a matter is escalated to court.

Why use debt collectors?

  •   Relieve stress of chasing debtors
  •   Save time; let us handle the collections process
  •   Avoid common pitfalls and delay tactics
  •   Force your debtors to confront the matter
  •   Access tested strategies to speed up repayment
  •   Utilise legal support if you require further action

Why Use AYOM ?

  •   Award-winning debt collection agency
  •   Real-time, on-line account monitoring
  •   National coverage across the UK
  •   Trace missing debtors
  •   Localised debt collection officers to visit debtors
  •   Obtain & enforce CCJs

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Testimonials & Success Stories

AYOM Speeds up debt collection process

AYOM legal team speeds up £50,000 debt collection process
speeds up £50,000 debt collection process - Paris

AYOM recently managed to secure over £50,000 for a European company whose debtor was based here in the UK. AYOM works on a number of cases each day for debtors in and outside of the UK. Likewise our customers come to us from around the world. In this case the supplier was an EU company who had supplied goods and services to the debtor. The debtor refused to pay their invoices and tried to avoid payment.

Advice from our legal team on the debt collection process is essential. They have the knowledge to refute disputes like this. They also know what outcomes are likely for both debtor and client. Their knowledge informs our debt collectors and assists our strategies.

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Very professional and very easy to deal with.

I contacted are you owed money limited after trying to get the money I was owed for a long time, within 2 months I had my money it made a massive difference as a small business it literally made the difference between staying afloat or going under. They always seemed very professional and very easy to deal with.


Stress Free!

Are you owed money Limited have really taken the stress out of chasing unpaid invoices. Very reasonably priced and get the job done quickly and efficiently. All accounts can be viewed via a portable, therefore you are kept in the loop every step of the way.


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Thursday, 27th September 2018

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