Articles with a focus on debt collection and related business services.


Articles exploring areas relating to debt collection and business finance.

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Managing debt; the snowball method

One consumer has taken the snowball method in the course of paying their unpaid debts to work towards financial freedom and resolving their personal debt.

Wednesday, 14th June 2023

Evidence & paper trails in debt recovery

What evidence is and isn't allowed when attempting debt recovery? And how much is needed to ensure you have the best chance of recovery? Our latest blog explores evidence in debt collection.

Tuesday, 5th July 2022

Why you should be speaking to debt collectors

Many are mistaken by thinking ignoring debt collectors is the best option. However, speaking to a debt collector could be the fastest and simplest way to resolve a debt or dispute. See our blog to find out why.

Monday, 28th February 2022

AYOM selects Lancashire Mind as 2022 charity

As part of AYOM's corporate social responsibility goals, choosing a nominated charity is an important first step each calendar year. This year, our local mental health branch of Mind - Lancashire Mind - is the beneficiary.

Friday, 28th January 2022