AYOM has left it's home of 10 years (Tustin Court) to move a short distance to Edward VII Quay. We look at the reason for the change.

New surroundings for AYOM

December didn’t just see 2022 draw to a close; it also marked another special occasion for Are You Owed Money. The company also said goodbye to its home of 10 years, Tustin Court. The decision to move was made earlier in the year, in the light of a changing workplace.

The new normal

2020 brought a complete change to many workplaces. Covid hit and we all had to find ways to continue. Thankfully AYOM was able to keep helping businesses maintain cashflow through the pandemic. It did however require a lot of homeworking and a strong team able to stay motivated while working alone.

Upon returning to the workplace, AYOM adopted a new hybrid style of working. The aim as to reward the team with flexibility if they wished to continue some work from home. With the new methods of working, an idea was hatched to bring the team closer together on days they were in the office. This led to us seeking a new home.

AYOM’s Operation’s Manager spoke about the changing workplace environment:

We saw quite a shift in not just our office during and after covid but across the British workplace. As an Investors In People accredited company we always want to find ways to strive for excellence. The flexibility and positives from hybrid working was something a lot of team members were in favour of.

We also wanted to have a more integrated workplace. Covid separated us for such a long time. Our previous home was housed over 3 floors, separating some teams in everyday working. With team members not always in the building now, when they are, we want them to feel connected and closer.

A short walk away

Those reasons saw AYOM seek out a new home, and the perfect place was closer than anyone would think. A mere 0.3 miles away around the corner was a facility perfectly suited to the company’s goal of a connected workplace.

Edward VII Quay on Preston docks is a spacious, open office complex, perfectly suited for a modern workspace. With an open plan floor and glass fronted offices, the team can feel more together and enjoy each other’s company.

Elaborating on the choice, the Operations Manager spoke of the move:

While it was a convenient location for our staff, it is simply a bonus to be so close. The office is a beautiful, open space with room to situate our teams in units while also keeping everybody close by. We have a meeting room and break room for lunch and break times, all on the same floor. It’s an exciting opportunity and one we jumped at the chance to take. We’re very excited to enjoy the new space.

Getting in touch

Importantly, for those who wish to get in touch following the move, our phone numbers remain the same however our new address is as follows:

Are You Owed Money Ltd
Unit 4A, Edward VII Quay
Navigation Way

We look forward to getting to know our new home better. In the meantime, we are already set up and operating, providing our clients with effective, persistent debt recovery strategies to start off 2023. If you’d like assistance from our team you can get in touch by emailing enquiries@ayom.co.uk or calling 0800 130 3357 to speak to an adviser.

Happy New Year from the team at AYOM.

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