Many are mistaken by thinking ignoring debt collectors is the best option. However, speaking to a debt collector could be the fastest and simplest way to resolve a debt or dispute. See our blog to find out why.

Why you should engage with debt collectors

Many foum posters online mistakenly tell people "NEVER SPEAK TO A DEBT COLLECTOR!."
"Ignorance is bliss" is the mantra for those owing money.

"If you never speak, they can’t twist your words."

A lot of online forums offer a grim view of debt collection. TV shows and news articles often wrongly portray what the service is about. At AYOM our mission statement is "shaping the industry by putting customers first." We aim to change perceptions and lead the way in professional, effective debt collection. Using mediation, evidence, and law to help both parties resolve a debt.

At AYOM we firmly believe avoiding contact can have a very negative impact on the situation. See our top 5 reasons below why speaking to us is actually the best move you can make.

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1. Find out why we have become involved

When we first make contact about a debt, we want to establish everyone's position. This includes putting our client's side across. This can be very useful if the facts of the debt have been viewed differently. If you are unwilling to listen to the other side and mediate, it can cause problems. Should the matter go further, courts prefer when a debtor has engaged with the other party.

Even if you do not agree with our client, it can be useful for a debtor to know why a debt recovery agency has been employed. Debtors have every right to dispute or deny a debt. To help us mediate however, talking to us to hear our position can help you determine what evidence you need to make a dispute.

2. Provide a barrier against unwanted conversations

Money matters can be stressful. It can also be stressful when 2 sides disagree. A debt recovery agency is often employed to mediate without the need for unwanted conversation. If the creditor does not have a good relationship with you, then you often won't need to speak to them directly.

A debt collection agency represents them but does so from an external perspective. Much like a barrister in court. We are not connected to the debt, but act with the information we have been given. We provide you a chance to speak your side freely (more on that in the next point).

Our aim is to get to the bottom of the situation and find a resolution. Whether that is a payment plan, legal escalation, a dispute or otherwise. We want to work with debtors to have positive conversations for positive resolutions.

3. Have a chance to speak your side

Speaking to a debt collection agency is a great opportunity to put your side across in detail. Remember that we act as mediators. While we represent our clients, we must listen to each debtor and make recommendations. This includes if there are mitigating circumstances or simple disputes.

Speaking to us gives you a chance to tell your full story. We do not look to argue with debtors but put both sides together and make informed decisions. If you are a debtor and feel your creditor is not listening, we will.

A mistake many make is believing a debt collection agency will not care about points you raise. We must make decisions in line with all relevant laws and guidelines. If you have a valid argument, we will do what is necessary. This may include asking our client to provide proof or supporting documents.

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4. Resolve the matter with a level head

AYOM aims to be as professional as possible. We always attempt to take as much emotion as possible out of debt collection. We understand debt can feel personal. We understand money matters to people. We also understand that tension, raised voices and arguments will not resolve a debt.

We are here to state facts and discuss what we have been informed by clients. You also can state your facts and provide evidence. We look to engage with debtors in a fair, reasonable manner. This includes our phone manner and written communication. We will always look to treat debtors responsibly so long as debtors repay the courtesy. We are here to establish facts and find solutions, not argue, shout, or threaten unreasonably.

5. Avoid more unnecessary communication

Importantly for debtors, we will only communicate when necessary. We are required to apply pressure when a debtor is unresponsive or uncooperative. This is a large reason for the negative perception of debt recovery.

We intend to establish facts and full knowledge of the situation. If we can do this in a phone call or an email, we can limit how much we need to speak to a debtor. Even when a debt is disputed, receiving a detailed dispute in writing will allow us to investigate. The less information we require explaining, the less we will need to communicate.

Even in a situation where you agree money is owed but feel full repayment isn’t possible, we can help. We can set up a payment plan which will stop communication as you pay. That way, the debt is managed and the stress of being contacted is removed.

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So, if you have been contacted by a debt collector, engage for a positive outcome! AYOM has an excellent track record of collecting debts. We work with many UK businesses on several debt types. If you'd like to know more about our award-winning team, you can get in touch for a free consultation.

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