Confirming the contact information of your debtor. Ensuring contacts are made with the right people, promptly.

What is tracing?

Tracing is your best way to find somebody purposely attempting to avoid paying their debt. Debtors sometimes give false names, addresses and details; employing various methods to avoid detection.

Tracing using our tried and tested methods is the most effective and efficient way of locating the correct person(s) and address. When a debtor is set on going undetected, they will employ a number of techniques designed to dissuade a creditor from attempting to chase. Are You Owed Money is well versed in these techniques and know how to work around them to locate a debtor.

How we can help?

AYOM have a well established team able to deal with all aspects of debt recovery from beginning to end. We have services that give you the choice to do as much or as little as you wish yourself.

We can perform a number of checks to ensure the debtor has the ability to repay; locate them via tracing, serve legal documents and chase the debt. Tracing alleviates time and wasted effort investigating false information, meaning you can focus on more important tasks while we gather the real details you need.


Are You Owed Money have a professional, experienced team who can answer all queries regarding the collection of your debts.

Our in house team and extended network specialise in all areas of debt recovery. We have developed not only the team but the knowledge and techniques to quickly find a debtor even if they use false information.

We also have a proven strategy for every outcome. We can chase debt, prepare legal documentation and enforce both CCJs and high court writs if a debtor is uncooperative. The key for us is to do all we can to bring a swift outcome benefiting you, the client.

We provide a service intended to be open, clear and trustworthy. We want you to know that when you entrust any aspect of debt collection AYOM, you can feel safe under our stewardship.

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If you have any questions about debt collection, mediation, enforcement or any of our services you can call us Monday-Thursday 9am-5.15pm and Friday 9am-4pm on 0800 130 3357 or by filling in our enquiry form here.

Alternatively you can get in contact by emailing enquiries@ayom.co.uk and one of the team will get in touch with you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

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