AYOM is pleased to announce we are now proud, card-carrying members of the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce.

AYOM Joins the Chamber of Commerce

Working to improve business collectively

A.Y.O.M is pleased to announce we are now proud, card carrying members of the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce. With so many businesses in the local area connecting via the Chamber on a regular basis, A.Y.O.M is pleased to be part of the ever growing team.

NWL Chamber of Commerce

Building bridges

Joining a local chamber of commerce for any business is about building links locally. As a proud Lancashire firm, A.Y.O.M is always looking to share information with local businesses to improve ways of working.

We hope to add our own influence to those already involved and likewise take notes from our fellow members. We intend to do so to improve our service for all of our customers. With a host of events and seminars every month, we hope you can experience the benefit of our new membership very soon.

Signs of things to come

Speaking of the new membership, A.Y.O.M Marketing Manager Dan Fletcher was pleased to be involved more in local business.

Getting involved in the Chamber is a personal milestone having joined the company recently. We are big believers in local promotion and connections, something the chamber will help achieve.

Continually improving and making new connections is how businesses improve, and in the coming year we hope to harness every available resource. We already provide education to staff and attend industry events, but as members of our local chamber we can now access further training, events and knowledge.

Dan Fletcher, A.Y.O.M Marketing Manager

Giving back

As part of our membership, we hope to offer our own services to local businesses who are suffering with unpaid invoices, requiring credit checks, mediation or any other of our services.

If you are a Chamber member and would like to speak about what A.Y.O.M Collections can do for you, please call us on 0800 130 3357 or get in touch via our contact page here for more details.

We look forward to hearing from any fellow members.

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