Staff turned out in pyjamas and hosted a raffle in aid of local children’s charity, The Space Centre
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The onesies and dressing gowns were in full force this past Thursday at AYOM. A charity fundraising day provided the reason for the unusual dress code. Thanks to a great effort of the AYOM staff, we raised £110 for The Space Centre, Preston.

Pyjama Party

The pyjama day is a popular theme with AYOM staff. The atmosphere of the day was a “comfy” Thursday preceding the bank holiday weekend. Alongside the unusual attire, the staff organised a buffet, raffle and baked cakes to enjoy.

Andrea, a colleague from The Space Centre, joined us in the afternoon to help sample the cakes and conduct the raffle. Prizes provided a wide range of treats for staff.

Prizes included:

  • Additional Time off
  • A photo shoot
  • Chocolates
  • Alcohol
  • Cinema tickets (courtesy of Costa Coffee at ODEON, Preston)
  • Family steam railway tickets (Courtesy of the Ribble Steam Railway)

Alongside money raised, staff members baked a smorgasbord of cakes for the day. These cakes contributed to The Space Centre’s own Easter bake sale. With cakes from sponge, to chocolate cake, to Danish drømmekage, Andrea had an interesting selection to take back.

The final total raised from the day reached £110 which Andrea accepted on behalf of Space. With even light bulbs in the sensory rooms costing upwards of £40 to replace, every penny counts. Speaking of the success of the day, General Manager Marie Mitchell thought the day was enjoyable.

Of the day, Marie said

We don’t need asking twice to come to work in our pyjamas for sure! Our staff make great efforts to contribute on our theme days. That people braved the journey to work (some on public transport) in sleepwear was a fantastic effort.

The Space Centre is within a mile from our office and provides an amazing service. Having Space as our charity is a popular choice; the success of the pyjama day shows our staff care. We were proud to hand over our donation and a substantial selection of cakes towards their own Easter bake sale.

The Space Centre

Our chosen charity for the year is The Space Centre. Located off the docklands area of Preston, the centre provides amazing services for numerous children. We are proud to partner with The Space Centre. We hope to do everything we can to allow them to keep doing their great work.

If you’d like details of the centre and their work, please visit their website for information.

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For information on AYOM, debt recovery services you can view our story on the website. Make sure you follow our Facebook & Twitter pages for updates on what we have planned for The Space Centre. Our upcoming big activity is to attempt the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge. See our event page for details. To donate, please see our JustGiving page.

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