AYOM recently resolved a long standing debt from a London based local authority

AYOM were recently instructed to recover a debt against a local authority, north of London. The client had been trying to recover a number of invoices for over six months. The debt was owed after provision of supported living services. The council however placed numerous obstacles in the way to avoid paying any of the near £60,000 balance.

debt agaist local authority settled

Fast resolution

It is common for debtors to attempt to avoid payment. This includes local authorities, who are often well equipped to place barriers to payment. With authorities having complex structures, creditors can find it difficult to get answers. The client however entrusted AYOM and instructed us to resolve the debt. We moved quickly and drafted a strategy to collect the debt efficiently.

AYOM’s legal team served a claim letter setting out the particulars of the debt, which effectively gave the council nowhere to go. Some commercial costs had been applied at this stage and more were to be added as the matter progressed through the court system. The use of our in house legal team provides us the chance to avoid lengthy stalling tactics by serving plain facts. Due to the documents served, the process moved very swiftly.

Shortly after the documents were served the council made payment of the entire debt and the costs were negotiated. The entire process was resolved in just a couple of weeks. While debts can stretch beyond that, having evidence and running a successfully planned strategy can ensure quick payment. This was the case as the council paid in full including costs.

The client has recently advised AYOM to be on standby. We are ready to resume work if required as the account is already mounting up arrears again.

Award winners

Many companies choose AYOM from our track record. We provide efficient debt collection with a focus on customer satisfaction. We look to showcase our core values of integrity, commitment and empathy in every case we handle. With that on show, it has resulted in us receiving a number of accolades in our field.

Years of experience and a well crafted team has ensured AYOM’s customer experience is as smooth as possible from first contact through to case closure. We provide dedicated customer service handlers as well as providing a 24 hour, interactive client portal.

If you are a business or individual looking for debt recovery, choose the stand out. Opt for award winning service and a proven track record. Are You Owed Money are here to help you; call 0800 130 3357 today or email enquiries@ayom.co.uk for details.

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